Be a badass GURU.

  • YOU have the wisdom to get the answers you want. All it takes is a little understanding, experience and most of all...PRACTICE

  • We will show you the secrets we have learned over the last decade to help you find that connection and access your own personal BUBBLE. Whenever you want

  • Discover a step-by-step process to COMMUNICATE with your Higher Self

  • Make your BEST DECISIONS without consulting with your friends, mother or that person you just met on the street

  • Understand your loved ones and yourself at a much DEEPER level

  • Learn to be a CONSCIOUS CHANNEL by knowing when your own ego/mind is getting in the way of clear information

  • Find YOUR FLOW and GO with it

  • You'll have access to this course for 90 DAYS. Plenty of time to make it happen.

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You've found the right spot.

Now is the time to get connected.


Let's break it down.

You'll feel like you are sitting in the room with us as we cover all the bases you'll need to be fully connected to your own Higher Self BUBBLE.

  • Be the Antenna

    Explore the entire process of entering the bubble (the space we go to access our Higher Selves).

  • Clear the Channel

    Discover how to be a clear channel, what it means when you feel stuck and how to move past it.

  • Experience the Bubble

    Understand how the Higher Self communicates, how you best access information, and what you might experience as you access your higher wisdom.

  • Art of Question Asking

    Question asking is one of the most important pieces to getting the answers you want. Dive deep into our pro tips for asking the best questions.

  • Conduct a Self Session

    Get the step-by-step process for how to do a session all on your own. Hint: It involves recording yourself!

  • Become a Conscious Channel

    Dive into the real-real of what it means to get information while being aware of your surroundings. Discover how to know you are talking to your Higher Self and not your own ego/mind.

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Connect to your Higher Self.


Everything you need.

Check out everything this course offers.

  • Over 2.5 hours of core content videos to give you the INSIDE SECRETS we have learned

  • 5 CORE PRACTICES that take you step-by-step through accessing and creating your bubble

  • 6 BONUS audios to help you DEEPEN your experience

  • 2 BONUS PDFs to help you take your experience BEYOND this training

  • 2 SCRIPTS including all the steps you need. The FULL original SCRIPT plus a shortened version for quicker ACCESS

  • Everything from full sessions to how we take SHORTCUTS to plug into the BUBBLE in any situation

  • An IYG courses & bootcamp FACEBOOK GROUP where you can go to ask questions and get to know other GURUS you can practice with

  • You'll have access to this ENTIRE course for 90 DAYS. Plenty of time to make it happen.

Explore the entire BOOTCAMP

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    Be the Antenna

    • INTRO VIDEO: Be the Antenna

    • Intentional Water Ceremony Example

    • BUBBLE PRACTICE: Experience a Full Bubble Session

    • ANCILLARY: Simple Relaxation Meditation

    • ANCILLARY: Cord Cutting Meditation

    • ANCILLARY: Grounding Visualization

  • 3

    Clear the Channel

    • INTRO VIDEO: Clear the Channel

    • ANCILLARY: Obstacle Removal Meditation

    • ANCILLARY: Yoga Nidra for Deepening

    • ANCILLARY: Are you feeling REALLY stuck??

  • 4

    Experience the Bubble

    • INTRO VIDEO: Experience the Bubble

    • ANCILLARY: Take Our Clairs Quiz

    • BUBBLE PRACTICE: Experience Sensations

    • BUBBLE PRACTICE: Short Script & Time Jumping

    • BUBBLE PRACTICE: Visiting Places

  • 5

    The Art of Question Asking

    • INTRO VIDEO: The Art of Question Asking

    • ANCILLARY: Pro Tips for Asking Questions

  • 6

    Conduct a Self Session

    • INTRO VIDEO: Conduct a Self Session



  • 7

    Become a Conscious Channel

    • INTRO VIDEO: Become a Conscious Channel

    • ANCILLARY: Engaging the Logical Mind Worksheet (Complete Prior to the Practice Session)

    • BUBBLE PRACTICE: Observe from a Higher Perspective

  • 8

    Now What

    • INTRO VIDEO: Now What?!

    • ANCILLARY: Bubble Playtime

    • JOIN US! Email List & Facebook Group

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Guru Instructors

Candy & Laura

Candy & Laura are here to help you be your own guru! Candy is a 6 of Diamonds, Aquarius, animal lover, energy goddess, wayshower, wellness enthusiast and conscious entrepreneur. She worked in Corporate America for 15 years before quitting to begin a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She's dedicated to supporting others on their journey to (re)discover their purpose & passion for life. Laura is a ​Six of Clubs, Aries, chocolate & coffee aficionada, nature lover, wayshower, writer & conscious entrepreneur. She has spent time teaching in the classroom, droning on in the corporate world, enjoying life abroad and teaching yoga and Reiki. Laura loves turning her passions into careers and realized she also loves the freedom of being her own boss AND helping others to discover that they can live a passionate and balanced life.


Frequently asked questions.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    You will have access to this course for 90 days.

  • Will I be have access to downloads?

    You will be able to download the PDFs.

  • Do I get instant access to the entire course?

    Yes. As soon as you purchase the course, you will have access the entire thing! You'll be asked to create an account to purchase the course. It will sit in your course dashboard.

  • How can I continue my Bubble practice?

    Be sure to check out the Now What? section of the course for what happens after you graduate!

  • Do you provide a certificate?

    Yes! You will get a certificate of completion once you have completed the course.

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