• Your Life Purpose

    Explore what it's like to be in alignment with your life purpose aka your mission. Discover the tools and specific steps you can take to get on mission.

  • All About Manifesting

    Discover how to manifest, not only your life purpose, but anything. You'll learn all about how manifesting works from an energetic perspective and how you can maximize your manifesting potential.

  • The Playbook

    The Playbook for this section that includes activities to help you discover what you are really best suited to do in this lifetime.

  • Emily

    Wow. I am so grateful for this course!

  • Ryan

    I've been wanting a way to explore what I could do with my time and my career. This gave me so much to think about!

  • Rebecca

    Yessss. This is just what I needed at this moment in my life. I was so ready to make a big change and this was a great way to jump start that.

everything you need to live your BEST LIFE

  • Discover how ASTROLOGY, NUMEROLOGY & CARDOLOGY can help you to better understand who you are & why you're here.


  • UNCOVER YOUR LIFE PURPOSE by exploring your interests, skills & passions.

  • Learn how your ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD influences how & what you are manifesting.

  • Walk away with BEST PRACTICES to help you manifest your heart's desires.

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    Life Purpose & Manifesting

    • CORE CONTENT: Video

    • DOWNLOAD: The Life Purpose + Manifesting Playbook (PDF)

Guru Instructors

Candy & Laura

Candy & Laura are best friends, soul sisters & business partners on a mission to help you unleash your inner guru! By coupling their experiences from the corporate world & education system with their passion for health, wellness & spirituality, these Guru Girls have learned how to infuse their high vibe lifestyle into every experience they have. More than anything, they love helping others to learn how to do the same. Let them assist you on your journey to live a passionate & balanced life.

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    For one year!

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    You will be able to download the PDFs.

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    Yes. As soon as you purchase the course, you will have access the entire thing! You'll be asked to create an account to purchase the course. The course will sit in your course dashboard.