Expand your consciousness.

Take your skills to the next level.

This course includes 6 awesome sections...

  • The Foundation

    Get the step-by-step process to access altered states of consciousness, create your psychic workshop and get proof that you were successful in remote viewing a location.

  • Travel

    Jump quickly from location to location to further enhance your intuitive abilities. Learn a process to help energetically heal the world.

  • Communication

    Talk to your spirit guides and higher selves plus learn how to communicate with the deceased.

  • Personal

    Set goals in the higher realms, project to the future and past, heal relationships and go on your own - aka do whatever you want in your workshop!

  • Healing the Body

    Learn a specific series of techniques to help you energetically assess and heal your body. Plus, practice working on other people and speaking aloud while you are doing it!

  • Practice

    Finally, you will receive a list of things you can do to keep practicing with your third eye. Plus, some bonus locations to travel to that you can then verify by clicking the button to see images from that location.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • INTRO

    • 1. Deep Relaxation (14 m)

    • 2. Skyscraper of Consciousness (12.5 m)

    • Bonus LOVE Meditation (2.5 m.)

    • 3. Entering Theta & the Psychic Workshop (14 m.)

    • 4. Beach of Consciousness (12 m.)

    • 5. Faster Entry Into the Workshop (6 m.)

    • 6. Shapes and Colors (15 m.)

    • NOTES: Objects Needed for Inanimate Objects Meditation

    • 7. Project to Inanimate Objects (11.5 m.)

    • NOTES: Inanimate Objects

    • 8. Project to a Familiar Place (22 m.)

    • NOTES: Project to Familiar

    • 9. Project to Unfamiliar Places (11 m.)

    • NOTES: Project to Unfamiliar Places


  • 3


  • 4


    • INTRO

    • 1. Male & Female Guides (11 m.)

    • 2. Four Spiritual Guides (10.5 m.)

    • Higher Selves (Night & Light) (10.5 m.)

    • Deceased Person (Known) (8.5 m.)

    • Deceased Person (Unknown) (7 m.)

  • 5


    • INTRO

    • Setting Goals in the Higher Realms (11 m.)

    • Healing Relationships (8 m.)

    • Project to Future (13 m.)

    • Project to Past (13 m.)

    • On Your Own (11.5 m.)

  • 6


    • INTRO

    • Healing Guides (5.5 m.)

    • Project Into Your Own Body (23 m.)

    • Project Into Body of Known Person (23 m.)

    • Project Into Body of an Unknown Person (11 m.)

    • Project Into the Body (Practice Talking Out Loud) (11 m.)

    • Project Into Three Living People Quickly & While Talking Out Loud (11 m.)

  • 7



    • More Practice aka HOMEWORK!

  • Christina J.

    Third Eye Activation training with Laura was fun and extremely helpful. The expansion of the activations plus the workshop tools gave me a new modality to build upon ever since. I access those tools often and in so many ways. The training adjusts to each person's experience and purpose.

  • Andrea B.

    I took Laura's “Third Eye Activation” course and was blown away at what I could do. She gave me all the tools I needed to open my third eye and get to a place where I could really 'see'. I use the practice often when I feel blocked!

Activate your third eye. Bring your skills online.

Be your own guru.

Yes. I am for sure ready to.....

  • Prioritize making your INTUITIVE / PSYCHIC abilities a regular part of your life.

  • Have PROOF that your third eye actually does work.

  • Get lots and lots of practice working with YOUR particular third eye energy.

  • Create RITUALS around healing, getting answers and exploring time and space.

  • Receive a Third Eye Activation Certificate. YASSSS.

Activate Your Third Eye

you'll have one year of access

  • Shari C., Psychic

    The class with Laura was a real eye-opener LOL. All jokes aside it really did broaden my psychic abilities. She is a great teacher and gave me some wonderful tools to use so I could practice enhancing my abilities. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to sharpen their psychic gifts! http://psychicshari.org

  • Casey V., EFT Practitioner

    I found the Third Eye Activation to be surprisingly powerful. I was able to stretch my mind in ways I didn’t think was possible, and explore my intuition on a much deeper level. Thank you Laura for sharing your wisdom with the world!! https://facebook.com/motheringfreelywithEFT

Guru Instructor

Laura Haehl

Laura is a ​Six of Clubs, Aries, chocolate & coffee aficionada, nature lover, writer & conscious entrepreneur. She has spent time teaching in the classroom, droning on in the corporate world, enjoying life abroad and teaching yoga and Reiki. Laura loves turning her passions into careers and realized she also loves the freedom of being her own boss AND helping others to discover that they can live a passionate and balanced life.


  • Do I have to do the course in order?

    Yes and No. The Foundation section must be done in order. And The Foundation section must be done first. Healing the Body section also must be done in order. Other than that you are free to skip around as much as you would like!

  • How long do I have access to this course.

    You will have access to this course for one year.

  • Do I get access to the entire course right away?


  • Will I be able to download things?

    You will be able to download the PDFs.